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Trivial File Transfer Protocol Daemon (TFTPD)


1. Fast, connectionless (UDP), file transfers

2. Often used to move files to and fro networked systems (VOIP Phones, PXE configurations, Router/Firewall/Switch configurations, etc.)

Note: Implemented as 2 components:

a. Client – tftp-*rpm

b. Server – tftp-server*


1. Install TFTP client

a. yum -y install tftp

2. Install TFTP server

a. yum -y install tftp-server

Note: this also install ‘xinetd’ dependency

3. Configure and start ‘tftp’ via ‘xinetd’

a. /etc/xinetd.d/tftp – modify this file prior to starting ‘TFTPD’

b. service xinetd start – to start XINETD

Note: TFTPD listens to UDP:69, by default

Note: use ‘netstat -nulp | grep 69’ to check if ‘xinetd’ is listening

4. Copy Cisco Router configuration to TFTP server

a. copy running-config tftp://

b. setsebool -P tftpd_disable_trans=1 – disables SELinux for TFTPD

c. ‘service xinetd restart’ – restart XINETD

d. ‘chmod 666 linuxcbtrouter1.config’ – to permit TFTPD to write

5. Use ‘tftp’ client to download ‘linuxcbtrouter1.config’ file

a. tftp -c get linuxcbtrouter1.config

b. tftp – enters interactive mode

Note: tftp client operates in both non-interactive and interactive modes


About Ali abdo

Ali 32 years old from Egypt working as system engineer riding motorcycle to Support and develop Egyptian tourism, spread motorcycling.

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